Why Not Now?

By Jeffery M. Wolf, General Contractor, St. Petersburg, Florida

Should you consider building or remodeling now or wait until the economy turns around? Several factors make me think that this is a good time to start a project.

Before Picture of Entry
Before: Too many steps and poor drainage detracted from this home's front entry.

First, prices for resources are going to rise regardless of the state of our economy. Look at gas and food prices. We have limited resources to supply a world of increasing demand. Even if the United States market stays slow, our concrete, steel, lumber and other materials required for construction will find markets. The cost for fuel to harvest, mine, fabricate and deliver those materials will continue to rise. At the moment, our subcontractors and suppliers are absorbing some of the cost of those increases by taking lower profits so they can stay in business. Once the economy turns around, price pressure will increase considerably. Because work is scarce, subcontractors have let employees go keeping their best crews and managing fewer projects. This means that you are likely to get better tradesmen and more attention from company owners, and managers. You have the opportunity to get a better quality job.

After Picture of Entryway
After: An award-winning remodel created a handsome, welcoming entry that sets the stage for the rest of the home.

Another reason to forge ahead: interest rates are at an historical low now, but at the next economy turn, rates will rise. If you have maintenance issues such as roof or wall leaks, they will only worsen with time. Replacing a leaky roof, an outdated HVAC system or windows (both can be huge energy drains) can be done while rates are low. In addition, projects that include energy efficiency im- provements can pay dividends in the form of lower power and water bills. These savings are long term and can help offset the cost of construction. If you had planned to sell your house but are waiting for a better market, then NOW would also be the time to go ahead and do those things that will help make it more saleable.

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