A Builder Guided Weight Loss Program: Your Blueprint to Success

By Jeffery M. Wolf
General Contractor
St. Petersburg, Florida

In 1984 we added a second floor and completely remodeled the kitchen of our 1920’s bungalow. We enjoyed the house for the next twenty-six years but there were still a few things we wanted to do.

Jeff Before

Our laundry was in the detached garage so doing laundry meant a trip down stairs and outside to the small, cramped and often mosquito ridden space. We wanted to get the laundry inside. We also had been using the same air conditioning unit in the two story house that we had put in the original configuration. The upstairs was always hot and in winter the downstairs was cold. We also wanted to get a true master bath. Over the years we developed several plans to remodel but we could never afford to do the work.

Last summer our construction market was slow so we decided to do the addition to keep our crew busy. As it turned out, we got some new projects and our crew was fully occupied, so I became the field crew. I did about half the rough carpentry and demolition, and all the trim carpentry. I also did about half the painting and all the clean-up. The work entailed about three months of working after hours until about 11:00 every night and all weekend. My saws and workspace were set up downstairs so I made 40 or 50 trips a day up and down the stairs.

I enjoy the work and so I did not miss evening TV or eating in front of the TV (since eating is one of my favorite pastimes, every food commercial is a new opportunity to think of what I re- ally want to eat next.) The net result of my stair and scaffold climbing exercise combined with eliminating snacking hours was that I lost 15 pounds and got to a weight range that I had not seen in about as many years.

My weight loss led to the idea for a Major New Business Opportunity.

Construction has always been cyclical with good times and bad times, but the weight loss business is booming!

My plan is to offer our unique, one-of-a-kind
Builder Supervised Weight Loss Program
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Jeff After the Job

We will come to your home and do your remodeling for our normal fee. For a very reasonable extra fee, we will send you to our physician who will evaluate you for any health issues and provide a report on your specific capabilities. We will then issue you your own hard hat, work boots, personal protective equipment, wheelbarrow, shovel and tools as needed. Our on-site superintendant will assign your daily tasks. We will work with you evenings and weekends and guide you through the joys of EXERSIZE WITH A PURPOSE. Unlike dull, standard gym exercise with the same old weight machines and boring view of the treadmill, our exercise program provides the satisfaction of knowing that every hammer swing and shovel lift is bring- ing your home closer to completion. The best part is that we guarantee not to finish your project until your weight loss goal has been obtained. Think of the motivation! We also will offer special family plans so you can get the whole family involved.

Don't delay, call us today! Operators are standing by! Franchise opportunities available!

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the Surgeon General or any division of the US Government.

# # #Copyright © 2011 by Jeffery M. Wolf All rights reserved.# # #

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