By Jeffery M. Wolf
General Contractor
St. Petersburg, Florida

20 Years Ago...

Barie Leighton(L) and Jeff at the first project on Brightwaters

We had a fax machine that was the new fast way to send written communications. We had a computer that was put together from components at a computer store. There was no Best Buy. Each piece of hardware had to be adjusted so it could communicate with each other piece. RAM was measured in kilobytes and we had a dial-up modem. We were very high tech.

After ten years working for other companies, Jeffery M. Wolf General Contractor opened for business in 1992. We operated out of an office upstairs in our home and our dining table was the site of frequent meetings with subcontractors, architects and clients. My hair was still brown.

When I think about technology, it seems a long time ago. Otherwise it seems like a few years instead of two decades.

When we had a bookkeeper and a secretary coming to our house every morning, Ann drew the line and started looking for office space. Today we have a seven thousand square foot office and warehouse that we gutted and rebuilt to be our home away from home.

Danny Leombruno(Left), Brandon Delgado(Middle) and Jeff at our latest project on Pass-a-Grille

That we are still here after twenty years and the worst recession in my lifetime, is due in no small part to our clients, many of whom have become our friends, and who have given us the opportunity to build homes that are unique, well detailed, and interesting to build.

Credit also goes to our employees who understand and share our commitment to our clients and to the quality of our product Our subcontractors have also taken part in the process, as have the excellent architects and design professionals who helped our clients conceive and plan their homes. From the start, this has been a family enterprise. Ann, Meg, and I join our staff in thanking all those who have helped to make our success possible.

Here’s to the next twenty!
20th Year Seal

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